About the author

My name is Kamil Bojarski and I’m a security researcher. My academic and professional interests are mainly focused on computer law, cybersecurity, operational security, threat intelligence, human rights and industrial espionage. Currently I work for a major cybersecurity company, leading threat hunting operations and threat research activites.

In my professional and academic endeavors I try to combine technical approach to security with traditional tradecraft and counterintelligence methods.

My interest in security, both physical and network, began many years ago when I discovered how easy is to pick common locks with paper clip. That groundbreaking discovery was foundation of interest in all forms of security. Next stop was a law school where my interests naturally lead me to concentrating my academic and professional career around topics of cybercrime, surveillance laws, but also economic crime and protection of intellectual property.

Everything that I know about IT and security I learned by myself. First by reading countless publications, then by applying knowledge to virtualised networks and acquired locks.

In my spare time I play the guitar, watch a lot of movies and devour books.

If you wish to contact me in any matter, professional or otherwise, use the following details:

Email: contact@lawsec.net

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lawsecnet

Github: https://github.com/lawsecnet

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamil-bojarski-674640124/


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