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Szabo and Vissy v Hungary as possible challange to mass surveillance in Europe

Given that everybody is already writing about Apple vs FBI case, I don’t think there is anything to be added at the moment. Especially that in European context (particularly in regard to civil law countries) it is quite hard to imagine court issuing a similar order. That is of course not even taking into account problems of jurisdiction and fact that almost every company of similar importance is located in the United States. But that might be a topic for another post.

What is however definitely worth writing about, and received relatively low media exposure, are the possible consequences of the case of Szabo and Vissy v Hungary. Case concerned two members of watchdog NGO (Eötvös Károly Közpolitikai Intézet) who claimed to be targeted by broad surveillance powers granted to Hungarian Anti-Terrorism Task Force (TEK). Case is especially interesting that ECHR implicitly granted possibility of actio popularis in the context of extensively broad legislation. Let’s head straight to the details than.

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